RAAINBOW is the first clinical trial to focus on children and adolescents presenting Alopecia Areata, and their specific needs in terms of Quality of life evaluation. Enrollment is underway.

The RAAINBOW trial is sponsored by Legacy Healthcare. The study protocol, known as the Alopecia Areata Uniform Protocol, has been developed in agreement with the recommendations of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, and specifically adapted to a pediatric population.

The full protocol details can be found on clinicaltrials.gov Blinded review of the RAAINBOW trial in October 2020 seems promising


Measurement of Alopecia Areata severity is performed through SALT score (Severity of Alopecia Tool), where baldness level is measured from standardized pictures of each side of the head.

The execution of SALT score may lead to calculation mistakes, inter and intra-investigators’ inconsistencies etc.

As we are committed to Alopecia Areata patients, we have put the effort in developing a dedicated software which clears risks of miscalculations and inconsistencies.

A description of the method can be found here